Business Intelligence Reports and Dashboards

Key Features

Real-time Data

Bytecrunch reports provide you with well-organized access to all your data in real-time helping you gain valuable insights into your processes and identify areas of improvement. The platform is fully integrated meaning any changes made to company or employee-level data are immediately reflected in the reports and dashboards. This real-time access to relevant business data provides important advantages such as controlling costs, identifying trends, predicting risks and staying compliant.

Preconfigured Reports and Dashboards

Standard reports and dashboards are already setup and available via the ePortal allowing you to view data from all Bytecrunch modules including HR, Payroll and Time Attendance. Directly export and save these reports to any standard file format.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Use our custom designer to access your data sources and create your own reports and dashboards to display information that is most critical to your business in formats of your choice. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our support to help set these up for you.

Easy Access From Mobile

ByteCrunch Mobile is fully integrated with the reports and dashboards providing access to administrators, managers, supervisors and all other employees on the go. Permissions can be setup to allow specific users to access reports with sensitive information.

Stay 100% Compliant with Government Reports

Bytecrunch allows you to generate monthly and yearly government forms in pdf format or text file format for online submissions.

We automatically update our reports to ensure 100% compliance with Government regulations. Staying compliant has never been easier.