Simplify Time Tracking for Hourly, Daily and Monthly Employees

Time and Attendance

Streamline Time Entry and Recordkeeping for Shift Workers

Bytecrunch Time & Attendance simplifies the way companies track and manage time for daily and hourly employees. With pre-configured shifts and overtime rules and automated interfaces with time off modules and scanners, we help make it easy for your employees to report working hours and ensure 100% accuracy of the time tracking information in turn ensuring accurate payments and deductions when pushed to Payroll.

Shift Management

Easily Manage Your Shift Schedules

Bytecrunch Shift Management allows you to set-up standard repetitive shift patterns or complex shift patterns that could vary each day. Supervisors can create, manage and export shift patterns using Bytecrunch mobile further reducing the administrative burden.

Time Off

Streamlined Time Off Requests

Bytecrunch Mobile allows employees to request for time off / paid or unpaid leaves on-the-go. Supervisors can directly action these requests from email notifications. Employees are also able to swap days off with colleagues in the same shift. All of this data is seamlessly integrated into HR, Payroll and Time and available to administrators in a centralized location.

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