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ByteCrunch Software For HR and Payroll Outsourcing Service Providers

ByteCrunch provides a complete end-to-end software product for HR and Payroll outsourcing service providers to manage contract staff. Our software is easy to use, affordable and is sure to help you improve operational efficiency.

Among others, ByteCrunch helps you to manage the following with ease:

  • Client Invoicing
  • Multiple Contract Types
  • Flexible Payments
  • Timesheet Entry and Processing
  • Customized Tax Computations
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • e-Payslips


Our Promise

  • We help you every step of the way to set up and configure your software to perfectly operate your HR and payroll outsourcing business as you want to run it. Don’t be a slave to your software!
  • We provide full support and maintenance for your customized ByteCrunch HR & Payroll outsourcing software to ensure it operates and integrates seamlessly with your in-house systems.



icon-software-developmentClient Invoicing
ByteCrunch allows you to generate invoices for single or multiple clients at the click of a button. These invoices can be tagged as unpaid, paid or cancelled allowing you to effectively track all your invoices. Our invoice builder allows you to create standard or customized invoice templates for each client.

icon-software-developmentMultiple Contract Types
ByteCrunch’s robust contract management system allows you to effortlessly setup Local and Expat contractors who are full-time, part-time or temporary. The system supports contracts with daily/monthly rates, multiple currencies (USD, GBP,THB etc.), overtime rates and additional fixed payment elements.


icon-software-developmentFlexible Payments
ByteCrunch lets you pay your contractors when they want to be paid – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or another pay frequency. We also understand that contractors require payments locally and outside Thailand in variable amounts along with taxable/non-taxable payments – ByteCrunch will handle all of these with ease.


icon-software-developmentTimesheet Entry and Processing
Simply enter or import the hours worked from the timesheets into ByteCrunch and our system works out the earnings and tax calculations. For monthly contractors, ByteCrunch provides you with the facility to automatically generate payment and deduction details.


icon-software-developmentCustomized Tax Computations
Need to cover all tax obligations for certain contractors (tax on tax) or calculate Provident Fund based on a specific pay rate? ByteCrunch is well equipped to handle these as well as other complex tax computations. Furthermore, ByteCrunch will generate all government tax forms in .pdf or text files for online upload. This will ensure that your taxes are always filed on time.


icon-software-developmentReporting Dashboard
Whether it be instant and customizable analysis or the ability to export and integrate data with global legacy systems, ByteCrunch dashboards and reports are sure to give you complete control over your data. Generate unlimited number of reports on employee profiles, YTD payments, deductions etc. Represent data as pie charts, bar graphs or any other format. Visit for an overview of the dashboards module.


We take pride in our intuitive and highly customizable design that allows us to deliver a product that is tailored to your requirements. Our Microsoft Office inspired design allows us to reduce the learning curve significantly, enabling users to come up to speed in no time. 


ByteCrunch payslips can be produced as traditional carbon copy prints or sent directly to the employee/contractor by email. Our online portal allows authorized users to login at their own convenience and access their pay history with the option to print individual payslips. Employees can also submit requests for leave, overtime & reimbursements through the ePortal.

The Process

  • Setup HR administration data including payments, deductions, reimbursements, allowances, banks, user permissions etc.
  • Setup your company account.
  • Setup client accounts with departments, rates and policies.
  • Setup contractor and employee accounts with payments, deductions and charge rates.
  • Upload timesheets or click a button to auto-generate payment and deduction details.
  • Click a button to mark contractor timesheets as paid.
  • Click a button to generate bank files for batch payment processing of internal employees and contractors.
  • Generate tax forms to be submitted to the government.
  • Click a button to generate client invoices.
  • Review and analyze detailed customizable reports and dashboards on incoming and outgoing payments, tax adjustments etc.
  • Export key data to your legacy systems