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ByteCrunch software solutions are built to meet your specific business requirements. It is cloud-based, requires zero hardware investment and the online portal can be accessed across all devices and operating systems. Below is a list of the various core modules in ByteCrunch along with their respective functions. Get in touch with us for a commitment-free demo and learn how ByteCrunch HR and Payroll software solutions can improve your business processes.

HR ManagementByteCrunch Payroll

  • Employee profiles and personal data.
  • Employee Contracts including positions, departments and daily/monthly/hourly wages.
  • Employee allowances and other fixed payments.
  • Overtime, reimbursements, bonuses and other variable payments.
  • Employee time & attendance with shift work.
  • Variable deductions, paid and unpaid leaves.
  • Employee training, promotions, resignations and movement between various departments
  • Use the ePortal to submit requests for leave, overtime, reimbursements etc.[/su_row]

ByteCrunch HRSmart Payroll Processing

  • Process payroll for all employees in a few easy steps.
  • Upload payment information from Microsoft Excel or automatically generate all gross & net payment information from employee contracts.
  • Generate electronic bank files for online upload and payment.
  • Process multiple payments to employees (multiple payroll runs) within a single pay period and display cumulative values at the end of each pay period.
  • Manage payments in multiple currencies including THB, USD and GBP.
  • Setup and manage taxable and non-taxable payments such as reimbursements, commissions, bonuses etc.
  • Setup and manage deductions such as absent, late, cash advance etc.
  • Manage tax on tax calculations allowing you to absorb employee personal income tax & social security payments.

ePortal / Employee Self-ServiceePayslip ByteCrunch

  • Notify employees by email once payments have been processed.
  • Employees can access their personal & payment information, YTD pay history and print individual payslips directly from their personal computers, smartphones or tablets.
  • Employees can access their leave information, apply for paid/unpaid leaves online and track their leave balances.
  • Employees can submit requests for overtime & reimbursements.
  • Employees can search through requests using keywords (ID, status etc.) and view histories for each individual request.
  • Employees can access personal reports as per company policy.

ByteCrunch Payroll 2

Government Certified Forms

  • Generate all government certified forms (Monthly & Yearly) from ByteCrunch as electronic text files for online submissions or as .pdf files for manual submissions.
  • All foreign currency payments automatically converted to THB based on user-defined exchange rates.
  • Continuous system updates to ensure 100% compliance with Thailand revenue department and social security regulations.

Management Reports & DashboardsDashboard Report ByteCrunch

  • Report on Employee profiles, employee head counts, YTD payments, deductions or any other data of your choosing.
  • Choose from existing reports or design your own custom reports using the report builder.
  • Using the dashboards module to represent data in formats of your choice such as pie charts, bar graphs, excel based formats or export data directly to your legacy systems.
  • Allow your employees to access and print reports directly from the ePortal.
  • Allow access to reports based on user permissions levels.


Design ByteCrunch

Administration & Security

  • Setup user permissions to restrict information/modules that users can view or edit.
  • Setup payment & deduction elements.
  • Setup approval lists and workflows.
  • Setup leave types and holiday lists based on your business needs.
  • Setup banks, account types, currencies & exchange rates.
  • Import company, employee and payment details from excel spreadsheets.
  • All changes in HR & Payroll information are logged against user ids with date and time stamps.
  • Audit reports with detailed information can be generated when needed.