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  • ByteCrunch provides HR and Payroll software and services for local (Bangkok, Thailand), regional and global businesses including payroll outsourcing service providers. ByteCrunch is hosted online on the cloud and uses the box-bytecrunchlatest technology powered by Windows Azure to ensure that the application and data is highly secure and available when you need it.
  • ByteCrunch products can be deployed instantly and configured to meet your specific business requirements. We manage all servers, data security and backups allowing you to efficiently manage your business processes with zero hardware costs.
  • ByteCrunch software and services can be used on all platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You will be able to access your HR and Payroll data on-the-go on your tablet or smartphone.
  • ByteCrunch software & services can be customized to handle any HR and Payroll requirement specific to your business.  They will also be able to interface with your existing in-house systems to ensure consistency and integrity of data.
  • ByteCrunch software and services have an extremely powerful reporting and dashboard module. Generate unlimited HR and Payroll reports and setup custom dashboards that will provide summary and detailed views of all data to management.
  • Our online support desk allows users to log issues and track them to closure. We take pride in our commitment to providing the best after-sales support & maintenance to all our customers.

ByteCrunch Key Advantages

All upgrades and enhancements for ByteCrunch are automatically managed, which essentially means that you do not have to download or install any patches. New versions are pushed out over the cloud allowing you to have access to the latest features and updates instantly.

The infrastructure is “Always On” allowing 24×7 continuous access to ByteCrunch and your HR & Payroll data.  Failure of any infrastructure component does not cause failure of the entire system. This allows us to provide ByteCrunch users with a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

Data backups ensure that the integrity of your data is always maintained. Incremental backups are carried out daily and full backups are carried out weekly. This allows for point-in-time recovery where data can be instantly restored or recovered from a specific time in the past.


We guarantee business continuity by backing up data in the primary region (Thailand) and replicating this data across multiple secondary regions (Singapore & Tokyo). This ensures continuous access to ByteCrunch and your HR & Payroll data in the unlikely event of a disaster or failure at the primary region.


Owing to the confidentiality and sensitivity of HR & Payroll data, industry-leading best practices are used to maintain the security of data. Our data centres are managed and monitored to prevent unauthorized access. All communications to and from ByteCrunch servers use high levels of encryption.

Auto-Scaling allows ByteCrunch to handle unlimited users or data at any given time without compromising on performance. This allows you to scale your business without worrying about increased infrastructure costs or having to add hardware or internet bandwidth.